American flag

Only 48 stars didn't anyone notice that?

Aerica (also called the US of A) is a large country noth of Mexico and south of Canada. America was founded in 1492 by Christopher columbus when he decided to sail the ocean blue, yadda yadda.

There is nothing stronger than the true American spirit. Each of the 50 48 stars on that flag each represent: Love, courage, bravery and a warn accepting home. The two missing stars are probably Hawii and Alaska, the rejected states.


Founding fathers

And a nation, is born!

America was founded by the foundng fathers obviously who decidedto set up a gentlemens agreement in order to set up another obvious exporting outpost for timbers, wines and of course slavery (aka the Natives).

But as the nation began to except its spiritual identity they moved into a state of tranquility, where any man or any race could forfil his hopes and dreams.

Where they are nowEdit


They are lead by this pretty cool guy.

Up until quite recnetly America was going down the toilet due to its leader Bill Clinton, this only worsened when the idiots elected and then re-elected George W. Bush, and of course there was that incident with Iraq.

But recently they've elected a new hip and cool president into power. Barack Obama (pictured right) is an indication that any man of any race can aspire to be anything, including an incredibly drawling public speaker and another pidgeon politician.

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