A bureaucracy is a place where bureaucrats (also known as tired annoyed office workers with a serious coffee adiction) work and make a living. Bureucracy's can take take a number of forms from a sophisticated system of ruling within a large scale company, to the stupid hoard of individuals that run insanitypedia

How does a bureaucracy workEdit

Newbie - If you had to look up bureaucracy on insanitypedia to find a definition I can fully guarantee you are one, if you're not please inform your nearest bureaucrat so they can de-op you.

Established guy - Thwese guys still ave to technical control over the bureaucracy but still have been promoted from newbie to established guy! So either you are smart or you just drugged a bureaucrat.

Administrator - Welcome to the big time! If you are one of these you can get those inferior to you to GTFO the bureaucracy and never come back, but you can't boss around you're equals, plus you're unable to promote anyone around you.

Bureaucrat - You are at the top of the chain of command, the administrators tremble in your presence and you can demote them or promnote them in the bureaucracy and you can also ban admins, that a pretty cool ability!

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