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Conservapedia is by all accounts the funniest online encyclopedia ever. Its generally mockery of politics and religious issues are so astoundingly well executed people actually laugh. However upon discovery they are actually serious, you may experience shock before continuing to shit yourself with laughter.

Translating Statements to ConservapedianEdit


It is a widely accepted idea that a god perhaps created the universe. --> The Christian God did create the Universe, no exceptions.

Its lubicurously over the top support for leftest political issues, make it the ideal taret for vandals.

How to troll conservapediaEdit

Main article: HowTo:Troll conservapedia

Trolling conservapedia is astoundly easy. Simply taking a right wing point of view or being jeish is enough.

Naming your account ISLAM WILL DESTROY THE WEST LIKE SWINE, is a good way to troll them and get IP banned.

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