“in an ideal world, this would work”
~ The Truth on Copyright

Copyright (Not to be confused with Copyleft) is a series of laws designed to protect producers from evil video piraters whom copy their products and sell them for profit and lol.


Copyright has been around as long as people realised you can copy videos, DVDs and games. The laws were originally introduced as mere guidelines but have progressively evolved so that violaters are supposedly imprisoned for copyright violation. As we know that is a little white lie, as any idiot can copy a DVDs contents and get away with it, the key is to not get caught.


As with the ten commandments, copyright have ten eight holy rules that go with them.

  1. Thou shall not copy copyrighted content.
  2. Thou shall be sued for violating rule 1.
  3. Thou shall be sued more for fighting rule 2.
  4. Thou shall not violate again.
  5. Thou shall not have parole from any prison sentence.
  6. Thou shall not loopholy any of the commandments.
  7. Thou shall not puff out this section with pointless rules.
  8. Thou shll be exepted from copyright violation if there is money on the table.

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