Death is a horrible condition that everyone must be vigilent for, because this time it really is out to get you. It follows you everywhere, watches you while you sleep and knows your pet cats mobile phone number.

With a face like that, who would want to be alive still anyway?


Man has been dropping dead quite literally forever, and medical science has until quite recently been unable to come with a reason behind. People now believe can be related to Old Age, a condition that affects 1 in 1 people that reach the age of 75.


When your dead, mostly there isn't a lot you can do about it. However is some occasions the dead do rise again in the form of zombies. On even rarer occasions these zombies can die and come back as super-zombies.

Reasons to fear itEdit

  • It's face is scary (see picture)
  • It will kill you
  • You will be unable to care for your neopets when you die

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