“Me fail english? Thats unpossible!”
~ Ralph Wiggum on English

English is the language you obviously know how to speak, if you don't I take this oppertunity to say "YOU SMELL!!!" I just insulted you in another langage and you don't know it haha! Anyway back to the article, english is useful learning tool and you need it to communicate with other human beings.

English: SubjectEdit

The subject of english is a pathetic one, learning about poetry and film making is boring and holds no benefit in later life, justr wanted to get that off my chest!

English vs EngrishEdit

Englrish is the term used to describe very poor english, or english spoken by foreigners. Engrish is one of the most hilarious things you can hear, feel free to point and laugh at these englrish people.

Lazy EnglishEdit

Lazy english is wen u spek or type in vry poor wurds or rite wth bad speling whch is hard to understand. Its prety funneee tho.

Also seeEdit

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