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The Illocopedia logo a random banana thing

Illogicopedia is a random wiki set up to house the exiled uncyclopedians who outstayed thier welcome and also for the few examples of comedians who believe you can produce humour from almost anything!


Illogicopedia's only form of humour comes from being as random as possible. Take this simple example:


See what I mean, what the hell is this???

War with Insanitypedia and UncyclopediaEdit

Illogicopedia was set up in 2008, Uncyclopedia was already in full swing at this point so competing with this wiki was a huge task, but it has somehow survived to over 9,000 articles. Illogicopedia was very sad to hear Insanitypedia had swallowed up Smakapedia in 2011 and swore revenge on our beloved site. Be vilgilant!

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