Insanity colour

Pretty... My sanity is going...

Insanity is a condition or "illness" that YOU are most likely suffering from, hence why you are here.

Symptoms of insanity are not limited just to the following: Fear of the light, being invisible and fear of evil toast.

Your very existance on this planet may be an early symptom of your growing insanity... or maybe im just playing with your mind... or maybe your own very existance doesn't even exist and you just think that because you think that I am playing with your mind because of my non-existance. Or maybe, You think that I am the one existing while your the one who is playing with my mind because of your non-existance while I am not existing, the point is that you are more than definitely insane all ready just after reading that.

Whilst many view it as something to be feared, once you suffer from it, its sometimes the most blissful feeling you can ever feel... Except the evil toast and multicoloured pelicans, you start to see them everywhere!

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