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Jupiter, its big spot and one of its MANY moons.

Jupiter (also called yo mama on a rocket) is the largest and most orange planet in the solar system. Created 4.5 billion years ago along with the rest of the solar system, Jupiter has over 60 moons and several big spots on its surface!


Jupiter is reknowned for being the moon hog of the Solar System, it was 63 of those moons in its orbit, compared to the poor old earth who only has one, and the even less fortunate Mercury who has none!

Whats with the big spot?Edit

Yes what is with that giant spot on the surface of the planet, scientists argue its a giant raging storm that been there for at least 400 years when Jupiter was first observed by that Galileo guy but since no-one has ever been to Jupiter I'll make the call that the spot is a mystery until a see some proof damn it!

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