Money is something usually possessed by the rich people of society. But very really possessed by poor people and most importantly you. Money was invented by the ancient Egyptians who saw money as a good way to exchange the goods and services they produced.



Pile of golden coins by doko stock

You got enough coins there bro?

Coins (is you possess money) is the money you're most likely to own, because they are usually worth the least. Except if your coins are made of gold, in which case you're a rich snob and most likely nobody likes you.


The next step up from coinage, desipte being only made up of papers and plastics. People falsely believe that notes are valueable, but if ou got into basic materials you'd be very poor indeed. None the less the people ustairs believe that banknotes are the better moneys.


Credit Cards have allowed for the futuristic ideal of the electronic money. Now how the hell does that work????