“I care”
~ Typical Liar

Nobody Cares is a term used to describe the act of not caring about somebodys arguements or theat person in general. Nobody Cares is a common term used on Insanitypedia, to ignore trolls and other trash that appear on our fair wiki, although their are more amusing ways to deal with trolls.

Why does nobody careEdit

It's as simply as this. We have better things to do than listen to your stupid lame arguemnets or general trolling of everyone on the wiki. If you don't take the hint I don't care about your bitter trolling then I'll just get rid of you another way or possibly even by doing this to the page you are trolling.

But seriously you can't argue with any of our admins because once your blocked we silence your flaming. If you decide to E-mail us, we'll jut block that too. If you make another account then damn you!

How to stop caringEdit

A large number of people continue to care about trolls because they believe trolls need attention in order to be anned, in fact if you don't care they starve from lac of attention and disappear to elsewhere on the internet.

Ths is how to stop caring, totally ignore them.

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