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Scary man

Your typcial pedophile.

A pedophile is an individual that really enjoys the company of children. Pedophilia is the act of offering children candy in exchanged for a ride in a party van, although other forms exist. Pedophilia is considered a semi-legal activity due to the fact a number of upper class politicians partake in this activity.


A number of things give pedophiles away:

  • Wear Shorts, above knee height
  • Thongs, they all wear em
  • Leg hair, they have plenty of it, be careful
  • Slightly overweight
  • They watch your every move
  • They have very much facial hair and cat eyes, dont mistake one for a human sized cat


Pedophiles inhabit a number of habitats. Here is few:

  • Dark alleyways, an old favourite
  • Playgrounds, unless they have a kid, what the hell are they doing there?
  • Train stations, along with the rest of societies filth.

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