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It watches you always...

Poop is a brown thingy that hides in your toilet. Lethal? Perhaps. Friendly? Perhaps. Smelly? You bet! Listens when spoken too? No, it doesn't. When I talk to my poop it just stares back at me blankly as if I'm not even talking.

History of poopEdit

Poop is one the oldest things know to man and toast kind alike, it dates back even before humans, a mystery that no-one quite understands, maybe you will one day, but for now non-one shall... Not even the voices in my own head...

Take care of your poopEdit

Without regular flushing, poops may try to escape from your toilet bowl, if this happens your poop will be exposed to the elements of the world outside of the toilet bowl, this is a very dangerous world for poops, just like life insdie a toilet bowl is very dangerous for humans, if your poo escapes it will most certainly die and never have a chance to reproduce later on down the plumbing line, if your poop ever does escape from your toilet, dont worry, there are plenty more poops down the plumbing line, so surely one death of a poor, defenceless, innocent poop wont matter...

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