Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Prison?

“It's hell”
~ Captain Obvious on School

School often refered to as skool by those too cool for it is a upmarket prison and pre-emtive punishment for those who attend it Schol is arguable mans worst invention.

Beginning of your school lifeEdit

We all began here, playing with blocks and playdo in kindergarten that was really fun wasn't it?! As you go up in the years, the gradual transition to work and detention is so unnoticable very few notice it, it is for this reason school is considered the wqrst of any institutions.

The middles bitEdit

Nobody really likes this part, but from year 3 to about year 10 are the boringest waste of time that was ever invented. You learn nothing and as I said its as boring as hell. I give you this simple advice. Get out while you still can!

The endingsEdit

Let me tell you now get out while you still can its like the middle part except you have to try otherwise you risk failing at life in general. Plus they give you all this infromation you don't need!

Also seeEdit

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