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The logo is alot similar to that of Uncyclopedia, however it is a tomato, which has no connection to the gnostic deity Sophia.

Smakapedia wiki is the Wiki started by a Lollipop under the pen name of "Lemon Drop". He was inspired after he created the video game 2012 II, and due to the fact he had some fanfare for once, He decided to make a subsequent rival of the Highly established Wiki Uncyclopedia. Whilst it is considered by the many who bought the first book, Has only one difference: It's opinion is alot more opinionated.


Smakapedia died in June 2011, after Insanitypedia gave the founder a takeover bid he just couldn't refuse. Insanitypedia's founder now co-operates with Lollípop as owners of Insanitypedia, with Moicoiloi0906 claiming 10% of the profits.

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