A common example of the very rare grey/white woolen, yellow wool haired, black button eyed mysterious sock puppet

Sockpuppets are simply as the name suggests, Puppets made of socks.

They are mischievious little critters that have been around since the very creation of the sock and the hand, and have been with humans ever since.

Finding a sockpuppet can sometimes be easy as looking at your hand whilst sometimes you may search for years around your whole self and never find one.

Sockpuppets and peopleEdit


Sockpuppets can impersonate people now!

Sockpuppets have lastely developed a higher intelligence that allows them to impersonate famous people in this case we see the impersonation of Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hilter and Mr. T.

Why is this important? Because you could be next! The sockpuppet may kill you and take your place in your life, imagine it so whenever you see a sockpuppet that looks anything like you, muffle its mouth with duct tape and put it in a triple barrel locked beer keg, and take it out to sea.