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The life of a stuffed toy in a toy machine bot thing

Forever competing with the The Candy Machine Bot Thing (Commonly know as CMBT), the toy machine bot thing (commonly known as TMBT) is the latest thing on the long list of things "out to get you", I mean you'd be out to get someone too if you got cramped into a tiny space with nothing but toys that can't talk around you.

Although immobile Stuffed Toys trapped inside TMBT's are mostly harmless because everything is so tightly compressed that it is nearly impossible to escape, watch out,because with the latest Machine Bot designs, it is easier for Stuffed Toys to escape from the depths of TMBT's, so when your back is turned, be aware, BE VERY AWARE!

Famous casesEdit

Some famous and well known attacks on humans include, the dreadful (well maybe not so dreadful) attack of Chicago, USA on 9/7/1999 at 3:26 pm. An unidentified boy left his prized toy (Terrible Tiny (The Teddy With A Torch)) in the pick up slot of a TMBT, when an unexpecting group of pea-brained 17 year old girls turned their back on the machine for a minute, Terrible Tiny (The Teddy With A Torch) thought he would have a bit of revenge after being trapped in the unpopular Toy Machine for many years. The toy clambered out of the slot and attacked the group of girls and leaving them for dead in the deserted shopping mall.

Top 5 Stuffed toys to watch out forEdit

1. Evil-Eyed Ducky

2. Pink Fairy (Hugs and Kisses)

3. Roger the Rhino

4. Robo-Bibly

5. Farting Penguin

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