“Your mom jokes are lame”
~ Captain Obvious

Your mom jokes are the joke of making fun of somebody elses mom, usually their weight problem lack of intelligence or both. Your mom jokes have gone out of fashion and are lame and dry that chances are if you say one to one of your friends (assuming you have any) they will instantly remove you from any groups.

Why are your mom jokes lameEdit

Your mom jokes are extremely overused and thus not funny. Although if you are losing an arguemnt or flamewar it is deemed acceptable to say your mom to confuse your oppentant and make them forget their carefully placed arguements.

Your mom jokes are simply lame for not being funny in any way possible.

Ways to troll users of these lame jokesEdit

  • When they say your mom is dead because of her weight problem, agree and run off in tears. (Thats an old favourite)
  • Use their arguemnt against them, although unoriginal it has potention to be highly amusing.
  • Totally igonre them
  • Make them think they have won and them BOOM the old knife in the back.